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The World Famous Eddie Runner

Married to Suzanne since 1976,   Two Children, Eddie Jr and Patricia  Always had dogs, currently two boxers oh, and a 34 year old parrot named Clyde
Been in the Mobile Electronic business since 1974
Owned River Oaks Car Stereo since 1990

Amateur Radio: (NU5K)
Amateur radio club

Mountain Biking: I enjoy riding on a nice day

Shooting: My favorite to shoot is the  1911  .45 Auto  But recently I have been enjoying shooting bench rifles and find it very satisfying as well. I find the shooting range a very relaxing place. I am a Life Member of the  NRA

SWL: I like listening to the Short wave radio International broadcasts and utility stuff. I have the working Hammarlund HQ-170 that belonged to my grandfather when I was a kid, I used to dial the big dials and listen for hours. Still today  I listen to just about everything, now mostly on a big Icom R-9000 Receiver, or an RFSPACE SDR receiver….

Scanning: like listening to police scanners, Have several computer controled scanners, several of the Uniden BC780s, one Uniden BCT15, the new BCD356HP digital, the rare Kenwood RZ-1. I use the ScanStar Spectrum Explorer software to scan anything I want with the computerized scanners ..

Electronics: Electronic theory and project building. Recently Arduinos and the Raspberry pie.

Computers: My computer interests go back into the late 1970’s.

I have been online since 1981 (yes ’81)when I got my first modem, in 1982 I started my own dial in computer BBS (ACOM BBS) way way way before the internet got popular!  Currently I enjoy coding ( mainly php and sql nowdays).

I host and maintain several websites and several mailing listsMog Mailing List for Mercedes Unimog enthusiasts

TX4x4 List for Texas off roaders to exchange information on where to wheel

MOG Unimog Mailing List

Installer Mailing List for Mobile Electronics Installers to exchange info

Mobile Electronics Mailing List Mobile electronics, stereo, video, radar, security and a lot more.

BVARC Listserve Administrator for the Brazos Valley Amateur Radio Club mailing list

Genealogy: Researching my relatives is fun and I run the website.

Chess: I don’t play as much as I would like to

Hi FI and Loudspeakers: I love the gear and the speakers, specially vintage

Music: mostly anything that is hi fidelity, but really like some of the 70s progressive rock

Painting: I can sometimes sit down and paint on canvas